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Price List

The following is a general price list. An individual's price may vary. Final price will be listed on the chinchilla's page.
Angora carrier $600
Full Angora $1200
Basic Colors
Standard $185
Black Velvet $250
Hetero Ebony $250
Homo Ebony $300
TOV Ebony $300
Violet $250
TOV Violet $300
Violet Wrap $300
Sapphire $250
Sapphire Wrap $300
TOV Sapphire $300
White Mosaic $250
Pink White $300
Tan White $300
White Violet $300
White Sapphire $300
TOV White $250
White Ebony $300
Hetero Beige $225
Homo Beige $250
Brown Velvet $250
Tan $250
Chocolate $300

* Angoras start at $600 for carriers or $1200 for full. Their price will be affected by color and any carriers present. Please check the page of the chinchilla you are interested in. The price will be listed on the right hand side. Scroll down if it is not visible.

Sapphire and Violet carrier will add $50 for each present.

All of our chinchillas come with an information packet, a 30 day health guarantee, lifetime breeder support, timothy hay, and one to one and a half pounds each of feed, hay cubes, and Blue Sparkle dust.