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Price List

The following is a general price list for the colors that we are currently breeding. An individual’s price may be more than that listed for their color, depending on quality.

Color Price
Standard $85
Hetero Beige $130
Homo Beige $130
White Mosaic $130
Black Velvet $130
Pink White $140
Silver $140
Tan White $140
Light Tan $160
Brown Velvet $160
Light Ebony $160
Color Price
White Ebony $165
White Violet $165
Medium Ebony $165
Medium Tan $165
Dark Ebony $170
Dark Tan $170
Violet $170
Extra Dark Ebony $180
Violet Wrap $205
Saffire $205
Trait Price
Touch Of Velvet Add $25
Ebony Carrier Add $25
Violet Carrier Add $25
Saffire Carrier Add $25
Proven Breeder Add $50

of our chinchillas come with an information packet, a 30 day health guarantee, a free 1 year membership to the Chinchilla Club, lifetime breeder support, chew toys, timothy hay, and one to one and a half pounds each of feed, hay cubes, and Blue Cloud dust.