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How to Quarantine

How Do I?

When a new chinchilla is brought into a household that already contains chinchillas, the new chinchilla should be placed in quarantine. The reasons for quarantine are simple. Firstly, quarantine is a means to prevent illness. It does this by giving time for any contagious disease to run its course and no longer be contagious. Additionally, quarantine gives the new chinchilla time to become accustomed to the pathogens that exist in its new home. If quarantine is not used, there is a good chance that some or all of the chinchillas involved may become ill or even die.

A light tan chinchilla
To properly quarantine an animal it must be placed in a separate cage without other chinchillas. This cage should be placed in a separate room in the home. This room should NOT contain any other chinchillas. The chinchilla should stay in this cage and room for a full thirty days. Anytime chinchillas are handled, hands should be washed thoroughly and clothing changed before visiting other chinchillas. This goes both ways. Once the 30 days have passed, the introductions can begin.

Another use for quarantine is to separate a chinchilla that has become ill from any others in the home to prevent the spread of the illness.

During quarantine, the new chinchilla can slowly become adjusted to its new home and family. Time can be taken to slowly switch it over to the type of food that is being used to feed the other chins in the home. Additionally, quarantine gives the owner time to learn what is normal behavior for the new chinchilla.