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Purchasing Supplies

Chinchilla supplies can be purchased at most pet stores in their small mammals section. Some of the supplies needed for chinchillas include feed, hay, bedding, toys, bathing dust and accessories such as feed bowls or feeders, dusting containers, additional perches, houses, water bottles, etc. Check the manufacture date on all feed and hay to be sure that what you purchase is not older than six months. Anything older than six months will begin to lose its nutritional value.

Snack Shack Edible Snack Shack
made with honey
Keep in mind that there are many items that claim to be safe for chinchillas. Most of them are not. It is best to do some research in order to find out what is truly safe for them. A quick list of some items that chinchillas should not have includes fruits and vegetables of any kind, dairy products, corn, honey and nuts.

Other items that are not considered safe for chinchillas are decorations and accessories that are made of materials that chinchillas should not be allowed to chew on or ingest. Some examples of these are houses held together with honey, plastic items, nylon, wheels that are too small or made of wire mesh, roll around balls, and harnesses and leashes. These items can cause medical problems or injuries to chinchillas. Below are a few items that are not safe for chinchillas or are detrimental to their health.

Another option for purchasing supplies for chinchillas is online. There are many places online to order chinchilla supplies. Breeders, rescues, and people who just love chinchillas offer a wide variety of items at very reasonable prices. Often, including shipping, the items can be purchased for less than half the price that pet stores ask for the same item. Again, keep in mind that not every thing offered is safe for chinchillas.

Roll around ball
Porrly ventilated, causes heat stroke.
Plastic wheel
To small causing back issues
Breaks easily

Mesh running wheel
causes serious injuries to limbs

Harness and leash
can break a chinchilla’s ribs

Below is a short list of places that sell chinchilla supplies online.

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       Camphor Chins