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Health Guarantee

This health guarantee extends for 30 days beyond the date of purchase. Should your pet become ill or die during that time, bring to us the certificate supplied in your packet, a picture of the deceased animal, and written verification from a certified exotics veterinarian that a necropsy was done. The verification must state that the animal was ill prior to the sale or suffered from a genetic defect and not from accident, neglect, or a preventable illness (such as pneumonia, digestive stasis, fighting, falls, etc.) contracted after the sale. If these requirements are met, and all recommendations from the breeder concerning the care of the chinchilla are followed, we will refund the entire purchase price (within 15 days) or replace it with an equally priced animal at no charge (within 30 days).

The buyer and seller will both retain a copy of the certificate which will be signed by both parties.